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What you need to know about Women's Scrubs

Always wondered what makes scrubs different from usual nursing uniforms? Or how to buy the right ones? Below we discuss a few need-to-know basics of scrubs for women.

Scrubs for Women

Women’s scrubs come in different shades of colors. The varying sizes also make it possible for any woman to garb these outfits. The stylish scrubs also allow the wearer to be trendy and brings out that modern look. The scrubs come as complete matching units comprising of a jacket and pants but can also be bought in single units. One can also get custom made scrubs, depending on your job. For example, pediatricians can have cartoons drawn on their scrubs or can have their scrubs come in soft colors to suit their jobs.

Scrubs are an everyday outfit since they can be put on for various purposes like gardening, nursing and day care jobs and yoga. Because of this, it is ideal that you get scrubs that fit your preference so that you won’t keep on buying new ones time after time. Scrubs are actually very ideal for yoga since yoga scrub pants come with pockets. Since they are also not too tight, they are preferable for people who like loose clothing and also like doing yoga. The material used to make these outfits allows them to be worn any time of the year and the zips that come with both short and long-sleeve scrub jackets are a plus.

The Difference between Traditional Scrubs and Nursing Uniforms

Nursing uniforms are set apart from traditional scrubs because they are open clothes and usually have buttons or a zip at the front. Traditional scrubs also come with fixed appearances such as the V-neck collar. However, these can be changed into nursing uniforms, allowing them to sport different designs such as overlapping sides closed with buttons or raised fleece necklines.

How do scrubs fit? Things to Consider When Buying Women’s Scrubs

Scrubs are generally designed for comfort. When buying scrubs, women should consider things like colors, since some workplaces are very picky about the colors that their employees should wear. For some hospitals, colors are used to identify work areas, so be sure to pick the color that best aligns with your workplace. Another factor that should be considered is quality, since you may not know for how long you are going to wear the scrubs and you don’t want to buy something that gets torn when it is scratched by your fingernail. Thirdly, buy enough of them. You would not want to have to wash them daily after you finish your shift.

Designs are also to be considered, although this also depends on your employer. If your employer allows it, pick something trendy and stand out. You don’t need to be told to consider the prices, because that should be the first thing on your mind. Lastly, and most important is the size. You don’t want the scrubs to be too tight such that they tear when you bend. You also don’t want them to be so baggy that they hinder your every movement. 

How to Make Scrubs Fit Better for Women

Women's knit elastic waistbands is just one way that makes scrubs fit better for women. Other scrub pants are made better fits by fitting them with drawstrings to make sure they hold around the waist. Using elastic fabrics to make them also goes a long way to ensure scrubs fit better. Another easier method if you can’t find fitting scrub bottoms is to have the legs hemmed if they are too long.

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