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Medical Scrubs for Men: All you need to know

Scrubs for Men

Men’s scrubs have as much diversity as scrubs for women. They come in just as many colors, fits, and materials, and they can be used for just as many purposes.

Scrubs for men are usually thought of as uniforms, plain and simple. However, they do not have to be. Men in the medical profession can choose their overall look despite having to wear scrubs. For instance, they could choose to wear the scrubs that feel like yoga pants because, let’s face it, these have the most comfortable scrub pants. And even better, they come in a variety of colors so you can choose whichever suits your place of work. Men’s scrub pants with pockets could also come in handy when you have to find a spot for your keys or a pager, so if you want to shop for medical scrubs for men, be sure to get at least one of these.

Similarly, men’s scrubs could be sporty or athletic. This means that you could substitute shopping for your training dress with shopping for athletic scrub bottoms and tops. Not only are they comfortable, they could be multipurpose. Grab a few to wear to the workplace, some to sit around in like sweatpants, and some to run or exercise in.

Knowing The Difference Between Traditional Scrubs and Nursing Uniforms 

Looking at them from a store window, nursing uniforms and traditional scrub for men look almost identical. In fact, you will find that the difference between the two is minimal. On the one hand, traditional men’s scrubs are rigid and V-necked in design, made from materials like cotton and polyester. On the other, nursing uniforms have greater latitude with the design. They could be round or V-necked, come in a wealth of colors black included, and are typically made from different materials such as fleece and Capri.

How Do Scrubs Fit? Things to Consider When Buying Men’s Scrubs

Men and women differ and physique and the fit of their scrubs usually reflect that. Where a women’s fit is concentrated on the width of her bust and hips, men’s scrubs are fit depending on the width of their chests and their height. These are the two main considerations to make while fitting scrubs for men.

When buying men’s scrubs, look for a pair(s) that comfortably sits across your chest. It should not be so baggy that it hangs when you bend and makes it hard to work, nor too tight that you cannot lift your hands while wearing it. Also, it should be long enough to almost completely cover your pelvis.

How To Make Scrubs Fit Better For Men

There are still measures you can take if you have already bought scrubs for men but they seem too loose or tight to work with. Here are a few tricks you can use to make them fit better.

If it's too tight, the best option, unfortunately, would be to get yourself another pair of scrub bottoms and tops. If it’s loose, you can try wearing a t-shirt under the scrub top to make them feel less loose. For the scrub bottoms, just ensure that your drawstring is tied tight around your waist.

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