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Yoga Style Scrub Pants

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2018 Nursing Trends: Introducing Yoga Style Scrub Pants


Hard to believe that they exist, that you could have the comfort of feeling like you are wearing your favorite yoga pants to work, but is true. Thanks to brand manufacturers realizing that it is possible to be stylish in scrubs, medical professionals can now say bye to baggy non-descript outfits and embrace stylish scrubs such as those scrubs that feel like yoga pants!

For those who have not yet gone through stores checking out these cool and comfortable scrub pants, here are a few things you should know about yoga style scrub pants.

What makes Yoga Style Scrub Pants Different from Traditional Scrub Bottoms?

Yoga scrub pants might look similar to the traditional variety, but the two are vastly dissimilar. Here is a look at what makes yoga style scrub pants different from other scrub bottoms.

For one thing, where other scrubs for women and men have a waist with a drawstring, the yoga-based ones are scrub pants with yoga waists, that is, they have rib-trim waists. These scrub bottoms can be worn with the waists rolled or unrolled, but this is a matter of preference.

The waist is the only major difference between yoga scrub pants and traditional ones. Yoga style scrub pants may or may not have pockets like other stretch scrub pants. Yoga pants with pockets may have the pockets at the front (usually scoop pockets) and at the back. Some of them may have numerous side pockets, or just one cargo pocket. Having yoga pants with side pockets is convenient because one can throw in accessories that could be lost and easily access them during shift hours.

Yoga scrub pants also make stylish stretch scrub pants. Ever wondered what it would be like to walk around in your yoga pants? With these scrub pants, you can find out. These scrubs feel like yoga pants, look like yoga pants and stretch just like them. Scrub pants with yoga waists are also easy to pull on, and wearers will be comfortable in them because they will not have to worry that their knickers will show whenever they bend to perform a task.

Finally, these pants are perfect for medical personnel because they are warm and washing-friendly, which cannot be said for other scrub bottoms.

Trends in Yoga Style Scrub Pants

Yoga scrub pants started out as women’s elastic waist pants petite size, but they now include scrub pants for men as well as plus size yoga style scrub pants. The pants range between about 28’’ and 33’’ inches in length for women.

When yoga style scrub bottoms hit the markets, they only included elastic waist pants for men and women. Buyers now have their pick of everything from yoga style waist scrub pants and low rise scrub pants to fully elastic scrub bottoms.

As a nurse, you will wear the same type of clothes day in day out as you go to work. Why not mix it up a bit by trying out a pair of yoga style scrub pants this year?


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