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Our Top 4 Time-Saving Apps

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By: Maureen Doolan

If you work in medicine or any medical field, you know the importance of effective time management. Managing work assignments, meetings, and personal schedules can all get a bit too much to remember. Not to mention answering emails, monitoring tasks, and remembering your grocery list! Thankfully, there’s an app for that! Take a look through our curated list of time-saving apps, and we’re sure you’ll find one to suit!


If you've ever fallen victim to lost time or thought something along the lines of ‘where did all those hours go?!' RescueTime is an excellent option for you. RescueTime runs securely in the background on your computer and mobile devices and tracks any time spent on applications and websites. By giving you a detailed report at the end of each day, you can pinpoint more accurately where your time is being spent and try to manage it more effectively in future. Perfect for those of us that get distracted by Facebook or online shopping! Hint, hint!


If you find sorting through emails and filtering out junk mail is taking up too much of your day, we recommend Sanebox. Sanebox acts as an email filtering system, separating important emails, and summarizing the rest into a daily digest. Additional features include; quick organization of no-replies, snooze, and automatic attachment uploads to the cloud. Therefore, freeing up your time for more important duties!

1-3-5 List

By prioritizing your day into a series of big, medium, and small jobs, it can sometimes seem less daunting! Thankfully, 1-3-5 List allows users to do just that by prioritizing their day with the 1-3-5 method. Choose 1 for big things, 3 for medium things, and 5 for small things to accomplish. Checking tasks off as you complete them, 1-3-5 List allows you to create any type of list you want, and on any device! Meaning you can be productive, on the go as they’ve got you covered no matter where you're working. 


30/30 is the ultimate task manager. Within this app, you can create a running list of jobs and allocate an amount of time to spend on each. The best part is, it’s not tied to a calendar, so if you get disrupted with something else at work, you can return to where you left off when you have time! 30/30 is also fully customizable, synced to the cloud, and supports any screen orientation or device.

How do you manage your time effectively?



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