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Move Your Body: Try a 10K

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Your health is important and unfortunately, the busier we are, we tend to put exercise on the back burner. Melanie, the founder of Wear AMPM Scrubs has found the ideal way of staying in shape – running! As the inspiration behind this post, we considered the benefits of walking or running a 10K.

Physical health

Duh, there are many health benefits to running and walking! Like being an awesome way to give your heart muscle a workout, which can improve circulation.

Your immune system kicks in, this comes in handy particularly during the dreaded cold and flu season.

Burning unwanted calories that were in that brownie you couldn’t pass up. There is nothing better than having a workout and treating yourself, just saying.

Mental health

Whether you are stressed out from your work life or home life, getting out for a run or walk can be a great way to unwind. This is because running stimulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, brain chemicals which have a crucial role in regulating and improving your mood.

Running can also boost self-esteem due to the positive physical changes your body will undergo, such as burning fat and toning muscle, while on your mission to hit your 10k target! 

The benefits of setting a target  

For many, the 10k is a perfect balance between too short and too long when it comes to running or walking. Sign up for one and allow yourself lots of time to train! Most races accept runners, joggers and walkers. The key here is to be able to complete the 10k in a time that is comfortable for you. 

Find the right clothing

Did you know that you can work out wearing our scrubs? This is made easier with a yoga elastic waist and flexible fabric. When your shift ends, walk or run home wearing scrubs that move with you and can keep up the pace. Our athletic scrubs have elastic bottoms and snaps that turn into capris. Discover your style, color, and fit by shopping online (orders over $100 qualify for free shipping using code HAPPY). Find an AMPM Scrubs brand affiliate and receive 10% off your order. 

Finally, the sense of achievement when you receive your medal/prize at the end of your run is a feeling everyone should experience. And then enjoy that guilt-free brownie ;) 

About AM PM Medical Apparel:

Made with poly-spandex, antimicrobial, and flexible fabric, our scrubs move with you. Work is stressful; you deserve to feel at ease during the chaos and relax with comfort during the calm. We know you will love our scrubs as much as we do!


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