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By Melanie Miller, Founder of Wear AMPM Scrubs

Wooohooo, is it break time yet?!

A question the majority of us whisper to ourselves multiple times during the work week. Especially those of us who are multitasking with both hands at full speed.

Fortunately, several weeks ago, one of my good friends and I decided to take a break! For those who know me well, you realize that I largely consist in a girl driven space  of coffee, learning, doing, personal growth, go- go- faster, jump-jump-higher, accompanied with lots of joy and laughter. Always with laughter!

Well, my good friend and now travel partner, “the real doctor mcstuffins,” can run circles around me without breaking a sweat! No really, she can. All while being kind, generous, smart, creative, optimistic, funny & fun.


Canada 🇨🇦

Get off the Chesterfield, collect your loonies, toque, runners and knapsack and travel a few klicks north to Vancouver, it will be fun “don't ya know- eh.” This long weekend away, with minimal work, was exactly what we both needed. We checked in at the Westin Bayshore, upgraded to the room with a great view, ordered room service, and mapped out our best version of dining, shopping, sightseeing, adventure and chill time mashed into four days!

Perfection! Food tour in Gastown, Sea Plane ride to Victoria, Hop on/Hop off to maximize shopping, dining, and sightseeing.


My toes were cold, my heart was toasty! Note to self: it will always be a good time to schedule some playtime with a good friend.


Travel tips~

Shortly after I landed in Canada my skin recognized that it was out of its normal elements. My go-to combination whenever I travel during the cool months is a hydrating cleanser.


2019 🎉

Planes, trains & automobiles will be what jump starts my 2019. I am currently headed to visit a good friend who has spent the previous several years living in Cuenca, Ecuador. Starting in the countries capital- Quito my wish list includes visits to the coast, mountains, Amazon and Galapagos Islands. I have packed 2 small bags, as I am not a fan of checked luggage and I'm going with no reservations ~ in my Anthony Bourdain voice.


My goals for 2019, live life by a compass, not a clock! Perfect my Spanish! Continue to live every day with an open heart! Porque los amigas y la familia lo son todo :)





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