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Winter Decorating Ideas

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By: Maureen Doolan, Canada

As much as we try to deny it, winter is quickly approaching and with it brings snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures. For those of us who live in North America, we're pretty familiar with old man winter by now, so we know what we're doing when it comes to winter decorating and keeping it cozy! However, if you're not a seasoned winter survivor like us or you're just looking for #homeinspo, continue reading to discover some of our best home décor tips.


When we think cozy, we automatically think blankets and the more, the merrier! Don't be afraid to go overboard, even if you don't use all your blankets; there's something comforting about having them nearby. We recommend draping them across the back of a sofa or chair, or even placing them in a basket on the floor for the ultimate level of coziness! Faux fur, cable knit, tweed, or quilted allow one to stay extra snug. You know what else helps you stay cozy? Our Fleece-lined scrubs are incredibly comfy.

Twinkle Lights and candles

Candles are a staple all year round; however, winter is the perfect time to get that cozy feel. We're crushing on spicy scents like apple cinnamon, and pine or wood smoke. Another great way to create a warming effect is with twinkle lights, you can either drape them across a mantelpiece or even place them in a lantern or mason jar for a wonderful glow. Oh, la la!

Warm up windows

Did you know by having the appropriate window coverings you can save up to 10% on your heating costs? We recommend layering on window treatments so you can block out chilly winter drafts, not to mention, thick draperies can add volume and color to any room or setting! Then when summer rolls around again, you can replace the thick curtains with sheer drapes or just remove the extra treatments altogether.

About AM PM Medical Apparel:

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