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How to Spot a Seasoned Nurse

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Ever wonder what the world would be like without nurses? In our experience, nurses are some of the hardest working and most compassionate people in their field. Nurses come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life; however, if you look very closely, it’s not hard to spot a seasoned one. Here are some of the critical things to look out for.

Calm and collected

The seasoned nurse, often the frontline of crises, will stay calm and collected while never second-guessing his or her actions. He or she will walk with confidence and a remarkable assuredness that only a wealth of experience can cultivate! They may also be wearing AMPM medical scrubs as medical professionals know the importance of comfortable and breathable fabrics, especially when managing a busy emergency room. 

Take responsibility 

As part of the team, the seasoned nurse will always take responsibility, should he, she or their team make a mistake. As much as they may resemble superheroes, nurses are humans too!  Medical environments are often busy and stressful to manage, however, if the nurse can admit when a slip up has been made, you can be confident they are putting patient-care front and center.

Knowledge is power

Critical thinking can be a difficult thing to master. However, the seasoned nurse will be a pro. Through years of education and experience, nurses learn how to make educated decisions quickly and to the benefit of the patient. Drawing from a wealth of medical knowledge, the seasoned nurse is often able to offer solutions that may not have been otherwise viable. They are also always looking to learn, grow, and develop their skills!


We’ve all had a situation where we’ve been sick or by the bedside of a loved one. Most likely, it was the nurse who made you feel at ease. This is another notable example of the seasoned nurse, as he or she will know how to explain themselves clearly and concisely. They also hold themselves confidently and always know how to handle hospital management, doctors, and, of course, their patients!

Can you remember a time when a nurse touched your life in some way? Post your comment below.


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