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How to Prevent Burnout in Health Care

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By Maria McGowan

Burnout among health care workers is a big problem and it has finally started to come to light. One of the problems with burnout is that there are several other relevant terms that are sometimes used, including "compassion fatigue", "secondary trauma", and "vicarious trauma". This is not only a problem with seasoned health workers but trainees as well.

Research over the last 15 years has shown that burnout is widespread. We all know that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Here’s how to spot burnout and how to prevent it.

The Signs & Symptoms of Burnout

Not Feeling Well

Headaches, sleeplessness, and general pain can all be signs of tension in your work life. 

Insensitivity To Patients

When nurses start to lack compassion for patients, it is time to take a break

Unwilling To Work

If your lack of enthusiasm turns into a reluctance to complete your most standard duties, you may be experiencing burnout. Ask about reducing your shift hours.

Conflicts With Colleagues

Job dissatisfaction is a major cause of negativity. If you increasingly find yourself entangled in these conflicts, consider the possibility of burnout.

Prevention Tips

Go to the gym, go for walks, get outside and garden. Before or after your shift, work out in our comfy 4-way stretch athletic scrubs 

Have positive relationships
A spouse, close friend, family, or professional counselor are great for talking things out. Join a social group that shares a common interest.

Eat right
Diet is important. If you’re thinking of reaching for something from the vending machine, pack your own healthy snacks. Everything in moderation :)

Make sure you’re getting adequate zzzz’s...

Tell us, what you do to prevent burnout? Post a comment below.


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