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How To Motivate and Inspire Yourself in 2019

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By Mo Doolan and Maria McGowan, Canada

It's the start of a new year and we are swamped with weight-loss and fitness ads. Tis the season! We’ve decided to put together ways to personally grow in 2019.

Create a vision board

    A vision board (sometimes known as a dream board) is a collage of pictures and affirmations that summarize your goals and desires for the upcoming year, they say keep it simple because you can stick to your goals easier. Place it where you’ll see it on a daily basis, as it will become a daily reminder of what you’re aspiring too. 

    Set specific goals

    Specific goals are the most common resolutions made each year. For example, saying you will join a gym is great, but it’s not enough. Anyone that regularly goes to the gym notices the spike in attendance during January and then the slow decline as the year goes on, with many unused gym memberships going to waste. This isn’t to say that going to the gym is not a great resolution – but just purchasing a gym contract doesn’t cut it. A great way of motivating yourself is with the previously mentioned vision board, or by tracking your progress. Whatever your goals, muscle gain, weight loss, running a 10k or even running a full marathon, if you track your progress, you’ll see results. BTW, wear your AMPM athletic scrubs with yoga-waistband or our Capri scrubs pre or post your shift.

    Choose a word that represents 2019

    Words like “determination”, “courage” and “confidence” are all great examples. Determination could be doing your best in every task you attempt, courage could be trying new things, and confidence could be doing something that you’ve been afraid to attempt in the past. Choose a word, and then set a reminder on your phone each morning with the word. This way, you’ll start each day the right way!


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