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How To Be A Rock Star With Your Patients!

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By Maureen Doolan

As a medical professional, do you ever wonder how you can improve your personal interactions and go above and beyond for each patient? Let’s look at the key steps you can take to improving quality relationships and propelling patient care to the next level. 

Quality Conversation

Medical facts and statistics are important; however, quality conversation with patients can be just as imperative. Learn about your patient’s life outside the hospital, what do they do? Where do they live? These questions will allow you to gain a better understanding of their life as well as build a trusting relationship.


Attending the hospital or clinic for any illness or injury can be daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with medical terms. This is where it’s important to include the patient by explaining each step of the diagnosis and treatment clearly so that they are fully aware of what’s happening. In doing this you can help to alleviate concerns or stress and ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible.

Going above and beyond!

It goes without saying that nurses and doctors consistently exceed patient expectations. By this, we mean anything from ensuring the patient gets that slice of toast they’ve been desperately craving to checking in with them after they’ve been discharged. Remember, some of your patients won’t get a lot of social interaction outside of the hospital/clinic, so asking them how their day has been or how things are going in their personal life can go a long way! Lastly, try offering additional support, should you know that the patient is a single mom or an elderly person living on their own, you may want to point them in the right direction of organizations or government assistance programs that can help!

Compassion and Respect

Listening to a patient is essential to their assessment, so treat them respectfully and allow them to explain their feelings and symptoms thoroughly. Not only will it support you in the diagnosis but it will also help the patient feel validated in their continuous aches and pains.  Validation is another key thing to remember, as validating the fears and concerns of a patient will ultimately improve their state of mind, ensuring they have a comfortable hospital stay.

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What are your tips for being a rock star with patients?

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