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Get Control of Your 2018 Planner

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Get control of your planner!

Oh no!! Is it February already? Where did the New Year go?

Like most others, I am wondering where the time goes. I mean, seriously. Just like Beyonce --we have 24 hours in a day too. Put the panic behind you, it's not too late to grab the New Year by the hand and tell it how this is going to go.

First of all, let's say hello to February with a smile and a wink. πŸ˜‰

It's officially time to get motivated and get moving.

Let's say it together shall we, β€œhey goals- yeah you in the corner with the hat and shades on- come over here, it's time for us to go!”

I have made a list #iwillwhatiwant or at least that is what I will be telling myself for the next 334 days- as I squeeze every ounce of work from each hour.


Setting Goals is not like wishes and dreams -- a goal has measurable outcomes, is achievable and is stated as a specific result. The process of setting a goal should start with a specific result.

A person stating that he likes hospitals is not a goal. A person stating that he wants to work in the medical field as a nurse is a goal because it links desire with a specific, identifiable result -- becoming a registered nurse.

Additionally, the goal is measurable -- a nursing degree and the first job as a nurse are measurable results and achievable because others have accomplished the same goal. πŸ†

My Daily Rise & Grind For This 2018

Sunrise ~ wake up and workout 30 minutes every single day

Coffee and chill with my family and fur babies

15 minutes of general cleaning/tidy up and meal plan/prep

Rest of the day – grind like someone is chasing me!

Reflect- rest-repeat

That's my story, comment below with yours.


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