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Hair and Skin Prep For Fall

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With cooler temps lurking around the corner, it's time to start changing up your hair and skin routines for something more vigorous. Now, brace yourself, we’ve created this handy guide to preparing your hair and skin for fall.


Cooler weather means dry air, especially when we turn our heat on (and our work environments get drier). Get a head start on this by changing from light lotions to thicker creams when moisturizing your face. Also, invest in a good body wash and be ready to start exfoliating to the max before the cold weather truly hits! And don’t forget to care for the rest of your awesome body. Why shouldn't you glow all over?!  Routinely apply natural oils, such as coconut and avocado oil all over your body before bed.  You will love the results!


Splurge on a quality hair conditioning product that can keep your hair strong and moisturized that has Jojoba oil. This oil is not only an effective moisturizer, but it works to unclog hair follicles as well! So, don’t wait for your central heating to strip your hair of all its essential oils, leaving it frazzled, brittle and lackluster - start loading your hair with the healthy oils it needs during fall!


Another hair tip is to try and limit the length and heat of your showers when you wash and condition. As relaxing as a piping hot shower might be, a hot shower can serve to strip your hair of essential oils, counteracting your shampoo, conditioner, and oils. Many dermatologists recommend your shower only last a few minutes – but with hair washing, we know it can take a little longer. Just try and be sensible before you realize you’ve sung your way through your favorite album while still rinsing away!


Hello gorgeous!

So, by following these tips and tricks, we’re sure that when winter comes around, your skin and hair will continue looking luscious thanks to your fall routine!


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