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Breezy Summer Styles

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By Maureen Doolan

We can't be the only ones excited that it's OFFICIALLY summer! Leave the layers at home and replace those knit sweaters for light linens with some of our favorite summer styles.


Whether you're traveling to/or live in a hot and humid climate, light fabrics such as linen and cotton will be your best friends. Linen, for example, has a weave which allows unrestricted airflow and absorbs moisture caused by perspiration. Leaving you cool and collected even on the balmiest of summer days! Light cotton also has the same cooling properties due to its natural fibers. That being said, both materials are more likely to shrink in the dryer so use the sunshine to your advantage and hang your clothes outside!


Starting with essentials, AMPM scrubs are an excellent addition to any summer wardrobe, with a light and flexible material, AMPM scrubs are perfect for those warm, summer workout sessions! Besides, light shorts and skirts are perfect for summer weather as well, especially in the trendy ‘midi-length'! We also love sundresses, from short and sweet frocks, to fit and flare midis, chic yet comfortable sundresses make weathering the warmer months a breeze. We recommend adding either a pair of white sneakers or sandals for a casual look or, a cute wedged heel or perhaps a pointed pump for a night out on the town!


AMPM Medical Scrubs Breezy Summer StylesThink bright, light, and neutral! We all know the common conception that wearing white keeps you cooler in the sun, but that's not the only reason to wear it! A standard choice for summer since the end of the 19th century, wearing white has always been regarded as both cool and classy, and will show off a good tan! Bright colors are also a fun choice in the summer months as blacks, greys, and navies seem to rule the winter. Why not opt for a millennial pink or a sage green this season? Both are hot choices right now and are sure to keep you looking on trend all summer long! For the Wanderlust gal, neutral, earthy tones are perfect for you! Think beige cotton wrap dress, complete with a round rattan cross body bag and wide-brimmed straw hat. Europe here we come!

What are some of your favorite summer styles?

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