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Best Scrubs for Women in 2019: A Buyer's Guide

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Best Scrubs For Women

Are you a busy medical professional? Ever pass someone wearing a great set of scrubs and wonder how they avoided the oversized, misshapen, wrinkled bed sheet that you're used to seeing around hospitals? You are not alone! Every nurse wants to look and feel great in scrubs. Especially when it comes to new nursing scrub arrivals. Check out our shopping for scrubs tips and consider these commonly asked questions.

How to find the best scrubs for women? Is there a difference between men's and women's medical scrubs? What is the benefit of a nice fit medical scrub set?

What you wear not only affects how you feel and carry yourself, it can also impact how others perceive you. The majority of people no doubt want to impress on others that they are professional, competent and maybe even stylish. 

To ensure the best fit, consider scrubs that are breathable, have some room for movement while keeping their shape. You don't want to get lost in oversized scrubs. Instead, look for scrubs that gloss over unshapely body areas without adding bulk to your frame.

Even if you are physically fit, to maintain professionalism, you need to avoid tight-fitting scrubs. The proper fit should offer scrubs with a movement for bending and reaching without pull back from your scrub top or scrub pants. 

Look for scrubs that are your size, no need to size up because scrubs typically run large. Women's scrub tops should have darts or a specific fit to allow bust room and still define the waist properly. Without this feature, scrubs will have a boxy look. The goal is to emphasize the positives without drawing attention on too many curves. 

Scrub tops need to allow the shoulder seam to meet the corner of the collar bone. The sleeve should neither be tight or billowy. You do not want it cutting into your underarm. Make sure your chest and shoulder have room for movement The shirt should outline the body and give you a flattering effect without hugging every curve. 

Scrub pants that are appropriate and easily approved by nurse managers will need to have a slightly loose fit. Unlike some trendy scrubs that are not entirely welcomed by patients and their families who didn't enter the hospital for a bedside view of how well your squat routine has been going at your gym.

Perfect fit medical scrubs have stretch added to the fabric. This is essential because many complaints regarding the lack of comfort in scrubs are due to the stiff feel of fabric in an environment that requires a lot of movement. 

Shop for scrub tops with a V or scoop neckline. They are preferable due to the nature of taking on and off a top that can ruin your hair and makeup. Added to this is the reality that sometimes scrub tops get stains on them. Imagine the thrill of staring at the mystery spot as you remove your top over your head.

Notably, our AM:PM front zippered scrub top is antimicrobial, 4-way stretch (extremely stretchable scrub fabric) and the easiest on/off scrub top I have worn! This scrub top has 5 pockets, including 2 hidden zipper pockets behind 2 large front patch pockets. 

Scrub pants that have stretch added are a must. Gone are the days of stiff ungiving fabrics that wear out easily under pressure. AM:PM scrubs pants have 5 pockets, are a 4-way stretch, moisture resistant and have a perfect fit yoga waistband, perfectly designed to keep up with your busy day. 

AM:PM SCRUBS are designed to meet all of these requirements and will quickly become your favourite uniform. The scrubs you feel confident in, they are the perfect fit scrubs. Designed by a nurse for nurses and other medical professionals. 



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