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Scrub Pants - Buyer’s Guide 2018

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Let’s say you just landed a new job and are eager to start it off on a high note. After all, first impressions are everything. Now, before you jump and buy scrubs that will make you lose your self-esteem on the first day of work, consider some factors before buying your men’s scrubs or scrubs for women. Seven of the most crucial considerations have been summarized for anyone looking to make a “scrub-statement’.

Colors Are Vital

When buying scrubs, it is important to remember that some workplaces have rigid restrictions on the colors worn by their employees. Look for solid colors or appropriate patterns that fall within your boundaries and preferences. You should also get colors that coordinate. For example, black scrub pants for women go with a lot of other colors.

Quality Goes A Long Way 

It does not help anyone when you get low-quality scrubs that get lint whenever you dip them in water for a wash. It is way better to have one pair of scrubs of great quality than have many pairs that are just as good as walking around with the date of purchase tapered to them because anyone can tell how old they are just by looking at them. The secret is in the brand.

Size Matters

Be sure not to buy scrubs that are too baggy because they will just get in your way when you are working. Both scrubs for women and men’s scrubs are available in different sizes and usually, store attendants will allow you to try them on before you purchase them, so take advantage. Hemming the scrub bottoms is also effective in fitting them if they are too long.

Good Fabric 

Since you will be in these scrubs for the better part of your day, getting the most comfortable scrubs is important. The fabric should also be long lasting and not easily worn. 100% cotton is usually the best, but you could opt for another blend of fabrics. It is also advisable to get stretch scrub pants and elastic waist pants for men.


Though we all like spending less if we can, you should buy more than one pair of scrubs. It will save you from future trips to the brand stores. It will also ensure you wear clean scrubs as you go into each shift and will also reduce the trouble of having to wash your scrubs after each shift.

Stylish Scrubs Will Give You Confidence in 2018

If your employer allows it, get some stylish scrubs to give you the confidence to move about your work. Couple up a long-sleeve scrub jacket with some stretch scrub pants, yoga style scrub pants or any of your most comfortable scrub pants. Keep up with trends in scrubs.

Scrubs With Pockets Are Essential

Your work most likely needs you to carry stuff around, so be sure to get something with pockets, like the yoga pants with pockets which are actually very efficient at carrying pagers. With those, you can buy scrubs that will ensure you get to work with your shoulders up and your head held high.


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