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5 Ways to Lift Patient Morale

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If it were up to patients, many of them would prefer not to stay in a hospital.  We how challenging it can be to keep their morale high. Here are 5 handy tips for lifting patient morale and keeping them as happy as possible during their stay.

Be prepared

Patients need to feel valued and cared for, and that starts at your very first meeting. When greeting them, try not to look down at their chart to remind yourself of their name, go in prepared! Why they’re there and a few personal details is all you need.

Bring holidays into the ward

Being in the hospital over a holiday period can make the experience even more tough for patients. Missing out on family time and usually joyous parts of the year can be remedied for patients by bringing in a little bit of the holiday into the ward! Decorate with tasteful decorations and dress up in the holiday’s colors. This little touch will stop patients feeling disconnected from the outside world and should put a smile on their face!

Suggest an animal program

Some hospitals allow visits from animals. Obviously, this is dependent on the section of the hospital and upon the approval of hospital management, but it has been proven countless times that some time with a cuddly dog can be excellent for a patient’s mental health.

Visitors program

Does your hospital have a visitor program that pairs patients up with a volunteer? Not all patients have family and friends that can visit them. If your hospital doesn’t have one of these programs, it’s worth suggesting, as they take very little resources to set up and can make a world of difference for the patients.


Communication is key. Always keep your patients up to date with results, their diagnosis and prognosis, and upcoming tests or procedures. Your patient should always be one of the first to know when new information comes to light, and they will respect your honesty and communicative skills whether the news is good or bad.

Do what you can!

The majority of patients can tell whether you are doing all you can to keep them happy during their stay at the hospital. Normally, this will have a positive and morale-boosting effect on them and make their stay in hospital much easier. Keep doing what you’re doing and consider these 5 steps to go even further when it comes to boosting patient morale.


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