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Work In The Medical Field

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By: Maureen Doolan, Canada

When you talk to doctors, nurses and almost anyone in the medical profession about why they’ve decided to take their career path, one word often pops up – rewarding! So if you’re thinking of entering the medical field (nurse, doctor, specialist, etc), here are 5 rewarding reasons that can make up your mind.

Change people’s lives for the better

This is an obvious one. Working in medicine, you make people feel better… do not underestimate how rewarding this is! Those long days of training, those nights working (depending on what area you enter into) are made bearable by the constant satisfaction that you’re changing the world for the better, person by person.

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Your job is vital

The job market is an uncertain one. If you’re looking for a secure career for life, medicine is a great field to be in. The need for all kinds of medical personnel is unlikely to dry up anytime soon, in fact, there’s a shortage of people in many areas. So, if you want a job where you can focus on your career and not be concerned about the lack of opportunities, medicine is a great choice.

Career advancement

Medicine has a clear hierarchy when it comes to experience and expertise. This means that you can, if you desire, work your way up the ladder, incurring more responsibility and experience.

Opportunities to work around the world  

Medicine is a globally recognized field. Although qualifications and specific job requirements may vary from country to country, medicine is a great field to get into if you’re looking to work in different countries during your career. Some countries even offer incentives and benefits for those in the medical profession to get them to move there, and it’s generally seen as a positive field to be working in if you’re applying for a visa.

It’s NEVER boring

No matter what area of medicine you work in, we can almost guarantee no two days will be the same. Whether you’re working in the ER and dealing with various situations all day and night or writing a research paper and uncovering new or long forgotten medical theories, working in medicine is a dynamic, exciting field!

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