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Stay Fit This Winter

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By: Maureen Doolan + Maria McGowan, Canada

Taking your fitness inside when winter rolls around can be a bit disheartening. It seems to be the time when we dream of that tropical lucrative job transfer or consider booking an extended vacation south.  

Purchase a treadmill, cross-trainer or rowing machine

Although space is often a factor, new technology in fitness equipment has advanced and the new "toys" are sleeker and more compact. Look out for offers and financing deals on brand new equipment, or, check out your local buy and sell sites. People often receive exercise equipment as presents or buy on the spur of the moment and then change their minds and are looking to sell – and you can pick up some real bargains here!

Download an app 

Nowadays, you can actually use your phone as your personal trainer! There are plenty of apps you can use that focus on indoor exercises that use your own bodyweight to build stamina and strength. If you don’t want to download an app, just check out YouTube! Right now, we're loving yoga on YouTube wearing our Yoga Scrub Pants with a yoga-inspired waistband. The stretchy fabric from these athletic scrubs is amazing and absorbs sweat from the toughest workout.

Join a local gym

    Look out for winter introductory offers at local gyms and ask if there are any discounts. December is a slow month and January will have good membership promotions - beware of the crowds of people and work out during non-peak hours. Most gyms will also allow you a pass for a certain number of visits, so you can check out the gym, workout and make sure the facilities are right for you before you start! 

    Eat healthily

    Let’s be honest, who really wants a veggie salad with a side of 3 feet of snow? Take this time to enjoy seasonal vegetables like squash and root vegetables and hearty stews, and puree soups....mmmmmm.

    Remember, just because Jack Frost is making his seasonal visit, we don’t have to give up our fitness and health goals. So, explore what’s best for you, and dive right in!

    About AM PM Medical Apparel:

    Made with poly-spandex, antimicrobial, and flexible fabric, our scrubs move with you. Work is stressful; you deserve to feel at ease during the chaos and relax with comfort during the calm.  We know you will love our scrubs as much as we do!

    Shop online for athletic scrubs to complement your workout. 


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