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3 Benefits of Fleece Lined Scrubs

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Do you work in an environment that is chilly and has you dreaming of jumping in a hot bath when you get home? With Winter coming, we put together this short guide explaining the benefits of fleece lined scrubs, and where to buy them ;)

The Cozy Commute

Whether it's a day or a night shift, nurses are often commuting to work when the temperature is at its coldest. The last thing you want is to get to work freezing cold or spend a long commute back after a 12-hour shift shivering. Fleece lined scrubs help to keep you warm as the fleece lines the entire scrub pant or jacket. Fleece itself is an extremely light and durable synthetic material that can keep you as warm as wool does but without the itch and the animal products (and the expense)!

No Overheating

But it's not just the commute to and from work where the fleece lined scrubs come in handy. Often hospitals, or at least ICU Units, are kept much cooler than your general workspace to help slow the rate of bacteria growth. This is a non-negotiable matter, and there is no fighting over the thermostat like in some offices! To combat this, fleece lined scrubs are warm enough to keep you at a comfortable temperature while not overheating. A good fleece lined scrub is breathable, allowing you to stay comfortable and not overheat.


In addition to this, not only does fleece keep you warm, but it's practical too. Why? Because it saves you having to layer multiple pieces over your scrubs due to its insulating properties. This saves you pulling on sweater after sweater, or extra thermals underneath your regular scrubs that can cause you to get too hot. It's also not always easy to find somewhere in the hospital to store your extra sweaters or thermals if you feel like you need to take them off!

Have we convinced you that you should invest in our high-quality, fleece lined scrubs? We know you won't regret it! Keep reading to find a link to AMPM's fantastic fleece lined scrub line.

Wear AMPM fleece lined scrubs!

At AMPM, we have a range of fleece lined scrubs available here to help keep you warm this winter! With various colors of medical pants and jackets, they are not only warm but stylish too. We believe safety and style are both important, and that's why our fleece lined scrubs have antimicrobial properties and are made of durable 4-way flex fabric. So, check out our fleece lined scrubs today to select a style that will keep you warm and comfortable.


About AM PM Medical Apparel:

Made with poly-spandex, antimicrobial, and flexible fabric, our scrubs move with you. Work is stressful; you deserve to feel at ease during the chaos and relax with comfort during the calm. We know you will love our scrubs as much as we do!


  • Patented Two-Way Capri Design with reflective lining option
  • 4 Way Stretch Fabric in a variety of colors
  • Zip-Out Jacket with 5 pockets for your every day carry
  • Antimicrobial Protection
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Flattering | Fit Yoga Waistband  


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